What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. Over 113 similar compounds, known as cannabinoids, have been discovered in hemp.

CBD is special because it works naturally without being psychoactive - that means it won’t get you high. That’s why it is legal nationwide.

How CBD Works

Your brain has tiny cannabinoid receptors that help to regulate your mind and body. These receptors need cannabinoids to function. 

Your body uses its own cannabinoids and natural cannabinoids from plants. They can be found in cacao, black pepper, and hemp.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

CBD isolate is an extract that only contains cannabidiol. We instead use broad-spectrum CBD which uses the whole hemp plant and its beneficial cannabinoids. 

These compounds interact to multiply their benefits - which is known as the entourage effect. In short, broad-spectrum is simply more effective.

THC Removal

THC is the compound that makes you high and alters your mind. We use proprietary technology to remove all THC from our products.

To make sure, we run third-party lab tests on every batch to ensure absolutely no THC can be detected. 


Tinctures give you results quickly and easily. When putting the tincture under your tongue (sublingually), CBD is rapidly and efficiently absorbed by your body. It’s the simple and safe way to take CBD day or night. 

Love for CBD 

“CBD is all the rage. Today, we are living in a CBD world.” Washington Post

“As the science inches forward, CBD has become a pop-culture phenomenon.” New York Times

“Interest in the product skyrocketed after Congress passed the Farm Bill last year.” USA Today